“At the end of the semester, many of the students reported that the visit to the field station was their favorite activity of the year.”

— Hannah Bement, Biological Sciences Teacher, Mountain Vista Governor’s School

“I am extremely grateful that I was given this amazing experience and would not have traded this internship for any other.”

— Adam Garrity, George Mason University and Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation student

“The Clifton Institute is an incredible gift to the local nature scene. They are working tirelessly to restore the landscape, plus at the same time they host public events and youth programs. Not many areas get the opportunity to have a gem like this.”

— Diane Krumme, program participant

“The property is absolutely perfect for the students to unplug and really listen to nature, thereby promoting a better relationship with Mother Earth and the importance of taking care of our amazing planet! … I would highly recommend this trip for all ages of students.”

— Kristen Brewer, 3rd grade teacher, M.M. Pierce Elementary

“We loved everything about the day. You all communicate with the students so positively, and we really appreciate your open-ended questioning and thinking. We loved how you were willing to stop and examine even the smallest detail, because it wasn’t so small to one of the children.”

— Anonymous feedback from a teacher

“Having a program such as Clifton is invaluable to real-life experiential science education in our area.”

— Jerry Hull, 5th grade teacher, Brumfield Elementary

“I am truly grateful to have these dedicated conservationists and this environmental treasure so nearby in Fauquier County.”

— Barbara Dennee, 5th grade teacher, P.B. Smith Elementary School

“The influence [summer camp] had on these kids cannot be overstated. One boy, who had never expressed any obvious interest in the outdoors, truly discovered a new world. He now considers park ranger as a real future career option and asks frequently if he can attend nature camp again this summer.”

— Anna McCulla, Boys and Girls Club of Fauquier

“I have had a partnership with Environmental Studies, now Clifton Institute for many years. I have brought many students, teachers and parents to the Outdoor Classroom. I love everything … especially when I witness the excitement in the students when they make discoveries in the natural world.”

— Anonymous feedback from a teacher

“[It was] great to see my daughter experience nature in a different way than normal. My daughter’s favorite part was learning to use binoculars and all the new plants she learned about”

— Anonymous feedback from a parent